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Jan. 22nd, 2008

I'm lacking with my ultra easy New Year's Resolution. But I suppose that seems to be the trend; make it and break it. I do plan on continuing with it, though. So, I'll just have a week left out. I'll try to go back and fill something in for those days. Or I may just have a generic "good" for the days I forget to write something (which of course will be recognizable as such when I go back to read them).

I just conducted my first interview. It was odd to be on the hiring end of things. She was the first interview for the position. I liked her well enough, but of course she wants more money. I'm still holding out for a few more interviews (c'mon, where are all the resumes?). I think the one dude that applied will probably not be back in touch because he lives an hour away, and really we're not offering all that much for pay. Of course, it is only a data entry position. But this whole me doing interviews really makes me stop to think, "Do I want to be here, in this position?" (You can breathe, Kathy, I'm not quitting. :P) I had to ask, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" ...I don't see myself here in five years. I know that this really is a GREAT place to work. It's small, the people I work with are awesome in all kinds of ways, and even though my boss can really be an ass sometimes, he's still a good boss. But it's the nature of the work. Do I want to let the nature of this work drive me away? Sure, sure, that sounds like a good reason to leave somewhere. Thing is, I don't hate what I do, but I'm not thrilled with it. What would I rather be doing? Really? What else is out there, that I could do with such a great work environment? ...

Oh-so thought provoking.