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Dec. 12th, 2007

Again, not working when I should be. (Speaking of work, Paige, what are you doing now?) I have to go to Baton Rouge today with my boss. o.O Not entirely looking forward to that ride. My head already hurts (always, always). I can't concentrate on work. I can't concentrate on anything.

Since I know I'm going to BR, I thought it would be really cool if the Bail Bond office was near Tiger Signs, but I seriously doubt that it is. It's more than likely next to one of the jails. I don't know why I should care, he hasn't talked to me (nor responded to my calls/emails) in months.

I'm a dork. I want to burst. I feel the irritability starting. I need...to scream, to sleep, to cry, to disappear, to love, to feel loved, to be better.

If I give up on love, I give up on life. I'm not throwing in the towel, yet.

My boss wants me to be best friends with all these different people I'm about to start working with. My people skills are seriously not there, and my happy faking self isn't up to par, either. This job may be wearing on me, but I can't leave.

I have my work Christmas dinner tonight. I am, of course, dateless. If I had anyone to ask, I would've. Okay, well, I guess I could have asked this one guy I've known for a while. But I haven't met him personally yet, and I doubt he'd have wanted the initial meeting to be at my work Christmas dinner, if he would want to meet me personally at all.

I am itchy. Which means my nerves are getting worse rather quickly today.

I need a fucking vacation. I need a week of sleep. I need love.

DAMN. :(